Tanques para flotar y sanar
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  • Alleviates the feeling of stress.
  • Diminishes muscle tension, decelerates the rhythm of heart and breathing.
  • Can help in case of insomia, depression, restlessness, pain during menstruation and asthma.
  • Helps during withdrawal os tobacco and alcohol.
  • Psoriasis alleviates.
  • Furthermore floating helps against physical tiredness and consequences of jetlag.

Chronical pains and migraine are allyed as well as arthritis, backache, digestion disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

Blood-and-lymph-circulation, cell metabolism, learning aptitude and power of concetration are improved.

Floating tanks are extremely effective medium to antagonise stress and the perfect remedy nowadays. Stress is the cause of all diseases.

One hour of floating equals 5 hours of sleep and the impression of coming home from a one- week holidays.